XIM University

XIM University sees itself as an emerging world-class university delivering quality education in the field of Management, Commerce, Economics, Communication, Law, and Engineering to students from the world over. The XIM University formerly known as Xavier University came into being with the Government of Odisha passing the Xavier University Act in June 2013. It inherits the legacy of XIMB (Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar), a premier world-class B-School in the country.


School of Computer Science & Engineering

The School of Computer Science & Engineering is a unique school that leverages the high-quality programs of XIM University and emphasizes sound computer science fundamentals, coding, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It currently offers B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering, M. Tech in Data Science & Analytics, and Ph.D in Computer Science and Engineering. Its current faculty mostly has Ph.D and/or postdoctoral experience from IITs/IISc or abroad. The founding Dean Prof. Priyadarsan Patra has a Ph.D from the University of Texas at Austin and 20+ years of leadership experience at Intel (USA). It is mentored by Prof. Chitta Baral from Arizona State University, Prof. Prasant Mohapatra from the University of California Davis and Dr. Ashutosh Dutta of Johns Hopkins University.

Why consider our programs for your career?

Dubbed the new ‘elixir’ of the World of Business and Technology, global investments in cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions are said to reach upwards of 50+% compound annual growth rate hitting US$57 billion in 2021. By 2018 alone 2.5 quintillion bytes of data were created each day, but that pace is only accelerating. India’s current digital profile includes 123 cr (crore) Aadhaar users, 118 cr mobile users, 50 cr internet users, and 25 cr on ‘social networks.’ This combination of ‘big data’ and machine learning (ML) has seismic impacts on society, business, education, and policy. AI strategy is increasingly deemed as a significant competitive advantage (or even crucial to corporate survival) for many businesses including healthcare. However, NASSCOM in 2018 reported 1.4 lakhs jobs remaining vacant in AI and Big Data in India. It’s an exciting time to study computer science and engineering. AI innovations and allied technologies such as big-data & analytics, cloud computing, robotics, internet-of-everything systems, software-defined advanced communication, smart & green tech, and digital security will revolutionize how we live and work, and usher in the age of the bio-physical-informatic world. Come and learn to shape this future at School of Computer Science & Engineering!

Mission of the School

Computer Science and Engineering education in the spirit of "Magis"

Our detailed mission is to teach and prepare skilled and articulate computer engineers and scientists for leadership and professional careers in Industry as well as for higher studies.  Our programs contribute to society through innovations in rigorous teaching and research, and by educating students through interactive instruction, broad engagement, and experiential learning. Some of our focus areas include Artificial Intelligence and applications, Big Data, Cloud and Distributed Computing, Cyber Security, Networking, VLSI & Embedded Systems, etc. We both teach and follow ethical and environmentally responsible engineering practices, and believe in inclusiveness and collaboration on a worldwide basis.

Our Values

Integrity and Honesty

The school believes in being truthful to oneself and to others in all its endeavors.

Respect for Individuals

The school believes that each individual is unique, different, and capable.


The school believes in sharing relevant information with all its stakeholders to encourage their participation and empowerment.


The school believes in meeting the standards required to make its products and services unique and attractive.

School of Computer Science and Engineering will focus on innovations in Computer science as they play an important role in most of the emerging technologies.

Our Goal

With the objective of developing competent, committed, and compassionate graduates with an advanced level of knowledge, skills, and right attitude required to manage change in the sectors they serve. School of Computer Science and Engineering aims to be a school with a difference.

Knowledge generation and dissemination: In a rapidly changing world, the School shall strive to embrace continuous learning through research and publication and thereby contribute towards intellectual capital and make Computer Science and Engineering education relevant and challenging.