Vision, Mission & Values

Vision, Mission & Values


Enable people to live extraordinary lives and be a light for the world!

Computer Science and Engineering education in the spirit of “Magis”.

Our detailed mission is to teach and prepare skilled and articulate computer engineers and scientists for leadership and professional careers in Industry as well as for higher studies.  Our programs contribute to society through innovations in rigorous teaching and research, and by educating students through interactive instruction, broad engagement, and experiential learning. Some of our focus areas include Artificial Intelligence and applications, Big Data, Cloud and Distributed Computing, Cyber Security, Networking, VLSI & Embedded Systems, etc. We both teach and follow ethical and environmentally responsible engineering practices, and believe in inclusiveness and collaboration on a worldwide basis.


Our Values

Integrity and Honesty

The school believes in being truthful to oneself and to others in all its endeavors.

Respect for Individuals

The school believes that each individual is unique, different, and capable.


The school believes in sharing relevant information with all its stakeholders to encourage their participation and empowerment.


The school believes in meeting the standards required to make its products and services unique and attractive.