B.Tech. in CSE (Hons.)

B.Tech. in CSE (Hons.)

B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (Hons.)

The B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (Hons.) is a four-year, full-time program designed to provide ample opportunity for students to learn coding languages, develop and analyze algorithms, understand systems, and implement software in various programming languages and platforms.


Candidates need to have secured a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate, in their class 12 examination in science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Math). The selection of candidates shall be done based on written test and/or personal interview along with their academic performance in class 10 and class 12 examinations. The university reserves the right to change the selection criteria in order to attract the best students in the country and abroad. Come see us if you are passionate about Math and Science, although you might not have cared to take JEE.

Applicants are required to fill-up the application form online at: https://xim.edu.in/admission/b-tech-computer-science-and-engineering/



Teaching methodology consists of lecture inputs, exercises, assignments, design capstone, thesis/project work, presentations, etc. Each instructor uses a suitable pedagogy to suit the requirements of the course. Students in a course are likewise evaluated in various components, viz. assignment, quiz, laboratory exercise, mid-semester examination, end-semester examination, and other assignments. Course outline / session plan for every course specifying the contents of the course, the methodology and the norms for evaluation is uploaded in the University Management System (UMS) in the beginning of a semester.



Basic Electrical and Electronics
Digital Electronics and Logic Circuits
Programming in C
Object Oriented Programming with Java
Engineering Graphics and Design
Data Structures and Algorithms
Engineering Mathematics I
Engineering Workshop
Engineering Physics
Engineering Mathematics II
English Communication
Engineering Chemistry/ Modern Biology
Environmental Studies


Problem Solving Using Python
Database Management Systems
Computer Organization and Architecture
Operating Systems
Formal Language and Automata Theory
Computer Networks
Mathematics III
Web Technology
IT Workshop
Discrete Mathematics
Technical Writing/ Business Communication
Organizational Behavior
Constitution of India/
Essence of Indian Knowledge Tradition


Artificial Intelligence and Applications
Machine Learning
Algorithm Design and Analysis
To be selected from the list
To be selected from the list
To be selected from the list
To be selected from the list
To be selected from the list
Mathematics IV (Electives)
Management Information Systems
Capstone Design I
Capstone Design II
Comprehensive Viva


Software Engineering
To be selected from the list
Thesis II
To be selected from the list
To be selected from the list
To be selected from the list
Thesis I
Internship Seminar

List of Electives (Tentative)

Professional Elective Courses

  1. Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  2. Parallel and Distributed Computing
  3. Android Programming
  4. Computer Graphics
  5. Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing
  6. Natural Language Processing
  7. ERP and IT Service Management
  8. Compiler Design
  9. Cryptography and Network Security
  10. Computer Vision and Image Processing
  11. Blockchain Technology
  12. Information retrieval (Text analytics)
  13. Deep Learning
  14. IoT
  15. Soft Computing
  16. Cyber Physical Systems

Open Elective Courses

  1. Microprocessor and Microcontroller
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. VLSI and Embedded Systems
  4. Wireless/ Mobile Communication
  5. Big-data Analytics
  6. Social Network Analysis
  7. Information theory and coding
  8. Robotic Process Automation
  9. Decision Sciences
  10. Financial Management
  11. Marketing Management
  12. Technology and operation managements
  13. Entrepreneurship & Start-up
  14. Cyber Laws and Ethics
  15. Business Strategies
  16. Public Administration and Governance