Our proposal is something to allow students to freely express themselves without the harsh judgments of society. We are willing to provide the students with a platform to communicate their ideas through ART. 

Since our day to day life is already so hectic and strenuous, we aim to allow them to freely vent out their emotions and feelings on a piece of paper.

As they say, computer science is the amalgamation of a bit of coding and massive creating. 

So, why not take a step towards enhancing our already creative minds and give it a stir! 

Why not make an initiative to fill the parched canvas of our mundane life with some colors.

Some of the goals of the Art Club are:


This club was created with the objective to help all students indulge into the world of computer science with full gusto and gain useful information and knowledge about computer science.

We Xplore different areas of interest in the field of computer science and create a social environment where students with various technology experiences come together and share information with one another, deepen their knowledge, sharpen their skills and learn to think outside the box.

Few of our goals are to:-