Dr. Rudra Mohan Tripathy

Is mostly focused on the study of dynamics and macro properties of the diffusion process in the network. The key insight of his research is to study the diffusion dynamics in terms of users’ behaviour and structural as well as spatial properties of the network. He is currently working on identification in short text using deep learning techniques and rumor detection and rumor control strategies in social networks.

Dr. Ashish Kumar

Area of research: Cryptography, blockchain, Authentication, Privacy, Security in networks, Blockchain

Dr. Chandan Misra

Primary research area includes Big Data analytics, Distributed Linear Algebra, Spatial Data Mining, and Information Retrieval. In terms of usability, his research applies to large scale weather prediction and climate science. His other research interests are in the field of Music Informatics, Music Information Retrieval, and Music Computing.

Dr. Pradip Kundu

Area of research: Optimization under uncertain environments, Reliability, MCDM.
Google Scholar link: n/citations?user=h8kv1vM AAAAJ&hl=en

Dr. Sourav Mandal

Natural Language Processing (Natural Language Understanding, Information Extraction, Text Classification and Sentiment Analysis, Text Summarization), Computer Vision, using Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning.
Google Scholar: m/citations?user=- H9EnzcAAAAJ&hl=en

Dr. Swarup

Area of research: Social Network Analysis, Complex Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Data Mining

Dr. Ashutosh Mishra

Is currently working on medical image fusion and plans to further pursue “Medical Image analysis using reconfigurable platforms”. His research work involves image processing, Medical image analysis, multimedia signal processing, design of parallel architectures, accelerated and reconfigurable computing. This also involves mapping computation to Graphics Processing Unit, Field-Programmable Gate Array, or Multi-Core Processor for real-time implementation.

Dr. B. Mondal

Works in the domain of Information security where image encryption is one of the important needs. He focuses on lightweight image encryption techniques. His research interests are also in machine learning and predictive analytics.